​SNOW WHITE: A beautiful Princess – the target of the Queen’s envy

PRINCE PHILIPPE: A dashing, charming Prince – a bit of a romantic –who falls for Snow White at first sight

QUEEN: Beautiful but self centered through and through – totally caught up in her OWN vanity – can’t stop asking the Mirror for compliments

MIRROR: The Queen’s full-length “vanity” mirror who talks and walks. He hates being with the Queen and constantly answering her questions about her beauty. He is sarcastic and pushes the Queen to the edge, hoping to someday be in better company

SNOW WHITE’S NURSEMAID: A kindly woman who loves Snow White and will do anything to keep her safe

RUPERT / ENSEMBLE: Rupert is the Prince’s witty and faithful butler, valet, and friend

THE SEVEN DWARVES: They are comical – they speak in rhymes – they come in various sizes and shapes.