Sue Mueller as Evilina and Marissa Mitchell as

Princess Briar-Rose in Sleeping Beauty (2015)

Shirley Duenkel as the Snow Queen (2014)


​​WB Children’s Theatre, Inc. serves the local community.   

We are supportive of many local businesses when we purchase supplies.We buy hundreds of dollars

of batteries for the entire cast body microphones from Tennies True Value or Fleet Farm, wood/paint

supplies from Menards, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and other local shops, Steiner’s for storage, use

Lori’s Costume Shop, and Johnson Bus for student transportation. 

WB Children’s Theatre, Inc. has an impact on an under-served portion of the population.

Our low ticket prices ensure that the youth, elderly and handicapped can attend a live performance at a

minimal cost ($6.00). The WB Children’s Theatre, Inc. has, in the past, awarded a minimum of two $1,000

scholarships to high school graduates each year. We believe it is important that area students interested in

such career paths are granted the opportunity to follow their dreams with our assistance.


WB Children's Theatre, Inc. helps build good will and better friendships.

Many community cast and crew members have formed friendships since most have been returning for years,

many even take one week vacations to be able to perform during the daytime for the children and all eat

lunch together on the stage daily, Schools have formed friendships as well. Some schools request to come

​on the same day and sit together with their penpal school. For example, the second grade West Bend

students write to the second grade Mayville students and then meet their penpal at our show!

 WB Children’s Theatre, Inc. provides a unique service not widely available in the community.

  The WB Children’s Theatre, Inc. has been creating magical live theatric performances for over eighty years. 

  Many students in Washington and Ozaukee counties experienced their first theatrical performance because

  of West Bend Children’s Theatre, Inc. We are West Bend’s only theatre group exclusively servicing children

  with our annual production. Although, we pride ourselves in performing children’s classics, we attempt to be

  unique in how we portray them. You may remember reading in the Daily News that we brought in one of the

  original munchkins (the youngest, Margaret Pelligrini) who worked with Judy Garland in the Wizard Of Oz

  for our 2007 production of Wizard of Oz. Each years production promises to be just as exciting!  We want

  to continue to affect the lives of the youth in our communities each year.





Photography provided by Duenkel Portrait Art. Please visit their website at:

2024- Snow White and the Prince

2023-Willy Wonka 

2022- Seussical the Musical

2019- Madagascar

2018- Alice in Wonderland

2017- James and the Giant Peach

2016- Winnie the Pooh

2015- Enchanted Sleeping Beauty

2014- The Snow Queen

2013- Rumpelstiltskin

2012- Charlotte's Web

2011- Cinderella

2010- Abracadabra, Aladdin!

2009- Jack and the Giant

2008- Snow White

2007- The Wizard of Oz

2006- Charlotte's Web

2005- Hey Ho, Pinocchio

2004- Abracadabra, Aladdin!

2003- Rumpelstiltskin

2002- Jack and the Giant

2000- Cinderella

Some of our Past Shows

About The Magical world of West Bend Children's theatre...

West Bend Children's Theatre is a 501(c)(3) organization serving the Washington and Ozaukee area school children since 1933!  Every year a talented group of local volunteers provide a live theatre experience for an average of 4,000 - 5,000 children from both public and private schools in the surrounding area. West Bend Children's Theatre provides live performances at  The Silver Linings Arts Center (formerly the West Bend High School Auditorium). In addition to serving the youth within the community, residents from the Samaritan home, the Threshold, and other institutions serving the elderly and handicapped attend the performances each year at minimal cost.


We support our local community by buying local, giving out scholarships, and providing low-cost live theatre productions.


Since the 1930's, local cast and crew members have been forming friendships that last a lifetime while volunteering for a good cause.

We bring together children of all ages to experience the magic of live theatre and to teach lessons through the art of story-telling.



​The West Bend Children's Theatre is committed to the community of West Bend.  Our goal is to provide a quality, live theatrical opportunity for West Bend and area school children.  We strive to give back to the community in the form of scholarships and community contributions.


Margaret Pelligrini reprising her role as the flower pot munchkin in The Wizard of Oz ​(2007)